28 August 2010

In My Mailbox (3)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.

Almost to Die For won from The Book Butterfly, Absolution bookmark sent by Jennifer Laurens. Thank you!

 Seventeen Magazine Malaysia September 2010 Issue has me inside!!! :D Friends Close, Enemies Closer is a present for a friend, hopefully she won't stumble across this blog.

Guardian of the Gate and Hex Hall my mum bought for me, I thought Guardian of the Gate is the 1st in the series, so I actually don't have Prophecy of the Sisters! Oh well.. silly me. Oh and if you click on the picture and see, above the girl's left eye (your left), it's kind of scratched or something. :( Didn't notice that.

Track Down the Title!

Day from Paperback Dolls read a novel 16 years ago, and she would LOVE to read that book again, but she does NOT know the title of the book! YOU can help this lovely book blogger!

Guess what, if you found the title, you get to win a finished copy of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, or any other book! If you try to help or promoting, Day will choose 2 winners via random.org and send them random swags!

Come on and join in the hunt! Here's what she remembers.


 In a small mountain town in Colorado ... Alpine? Evergreen? :o ... lives a beautiful and smart girl ... Anne? ... who is a ... senior? ... in High School. She is very popular, dates the football hero and big man on campus, and has a ... twin? ... brother. She enjoys ice-skating and is looking forward to the wonderful future that she has ahead of her. In her senior year, she takes a psychology elective and becomes fascinated with the inner workings of the mind.

 She begins to have troubling dreams ... then wakes to discover that they're coming true! :o Bad things are happening to the people in her life, including her boyfriend and best friend, both of whom have fatal or near fatal "accidents". Is someone playing a lethal game with her and the other people in town? Or is she cursed?


 ... there are supernatural occurrences ... one of the teachers is somehow involved ... her boyfriend may be cheating on her with her best friend ... there could be incestuous feelings between her brother and herself ... or even a teacher / student affair ...

 The novel may be Young Adult ... or Thriller. The author's first name is Christina ... or her last name is Christian ... maybe? :o

 The cover may have a V.C. Andrews look to it ... or a mountain scene! o_o

Go here for the original post by Paranormal-Obsession and comment there!


My book buying is getting out of hand, and I'm still a full time student, with no income! AKML. If I don't stop, who knows if I'll have a future, or how my mum is going to kill me, or ground me forever. Darn.

I NEED TO GO ON A BOOK BUYING BAN! OR SHOPPING BAN IN GENERAL!@#$%^&*fbakjdsfbakjfba;dfksbfaskjlfnaslfnsldnasldasnflsabfsajfs AND HAVE SOMEONE REALLY GOOD AND STRICT TO CONTROL ME. But who could that be? I know, if I have someone like that, I would not tell him/her, and he/she probably wouldn't know. Sigh, not even my (non-biological) twin could help. Self-control.

After buying those books, I can't even start reading them because even if I have the time, I neeeeeed to study! I HAVE to study! Gosh, this is really ridiculous. After the reading challenge I've joined recently, I should probably go on a book reading ban as well. No, I must. GIRL, READ ONLY TEXT BOOKS AND YOUR REFERENCE BOOKS!

For two months. or more. Okay until the end of the this year. From 1 September to 16 December 2010.

My book buying ban exceptions would be
  • Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink (gosh I bought the 2nd book! I thought it was the first in the series!)
  • Oh. My. Gods by Tera Lynn Childs (IF she remembers to send me the 2nd book in the series)
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (Maybe when they release paperback with US cover, hardcover - too expensive, paperback - UK cover, does not match)
  • Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella (I have all other books in this series except for Sister and Mini Shopaholic, I shall only buy this if it's selling really cheap, or buy NEXT YEAR, since I won't be reading this year, I must control!)
For all of them, unless there's a incredible discount, price between $0.00 (yay!) to $6.1, I won't be buying any of them, as well. Preferably buy next year. And Mockingjay is the exception of exceptions, if they release the paperback with US cover, I will buy it.

Oh gosh but wait, now I remember. I have a voucher I have to use before the end of the year. Damn it. OK, one of the cheap Penguin Classics books then.

Won't be rejecting free books, or my parents offer to buy me though. :p Which.. probably won't happen. Oh well.

Oh and did I mention I'm going on a TV series ban as well. Movies not included, only TV series. That means I'm gonna resist Glee and Vampire Diaries, and their spoilers D: NO exceptions for TV Series Ban!

I should probably go on an internet ban as well. No, really.. I am not improving in my studies, this is terribly awful and heartbreaking for me, and my parents.

24 August 2010

Challenge: September Spectacular

summer spectacular

I've decided to join September Spectacular reading challenge, hosted by Book Junky! This is my very first reading challange, and it clashes with my examination. D: Oh well.. But this is kind of easy, only 5 books! Plus, I have 2 weeks of school holidays in September. I hope I'll get to balance studying, reading and relaxing.

  • It will start September 1st and go on through September 30th.
  • There will be a 5 book reading challenge, ( one book a week) that you will have to read. Which books? Any 5 you want. Its your choice... Easy huh. At the end of that week you will post your review on your blog and add your link to the Mr. Linky at the bottom. ( If you don't have a blog you can either post a comment, letting everyone know what you think about the book or sent me an email with your review) * Sep first starts on a Wednesday so you can start your first book on Sunday the 29th if you want.
  • At the end of each week a giveaway will be posted. That's 5 giveaways!! The only thing you have to do to enter is, link your review on that weeks Mr. Linky. Plus get an extra entry if you add the September Spectacular button to your post or sidebar! ( Open Internationally)
I borrowed a book from my best friend few months ago and have yet to reread it. Well, I don't own the books, so I should read twice before returning, and I should return it asap.

So I'm going to try finishing the books! For this challenge, I'm reading
Update (5th book):

All are subject to change, but I'm determined to keep Marley and Me and Smiles to Go on the list. I can't decide my fifth book yet.

Come on and join the challenge! Click here to sign up.


In My Mailbox (2)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.

bookish-escape, in my mailbox

Before I Fall won from Tattooed Books, Hush, Hush won from Bitten By Books. Thank you!

Not bad, 2 books in a week. It's kind of sad that I have to resist reading all these shiny books. :/

23 August 2010

Skip a Starbucks day and save a life!

A bit lazy + sleepy to write.. but anyway, you can read the whole story here!

Ok fine, I'll try summarising.

CJ Redwine is adopting an orphan from China, they started all the works and everything five years ago, but the process somehow tragically stretched into years, until now. Furthermore, they've increased the orphanage fees by thousands and they need to get $8000 to bring the little girl back. All you have to do is skip getting your Starbucks (or your any other obsession/favourite/hobby) and donate (preferably at least) $5 to help CJ Redwine and this poor little girl that has missed all the love, from a family and a life she deserves. That's all you have to do!

CJ Redwine and a lot other bloggers are helping by hosting various giveaways on their own blog for the donors. When you donate, you'll be automatically entered in the grand prize giveaway on CJ Redwine's blog! And by donating, you are qualified to enter every single giveaways (there are a lot!) for the donors! You can go here to see the giveaway on her blog.

These are the bloggers doing different giveaways on their own blog to support this adoption fund, aren't they great?
K.B. WagersRebecca ClarkH.C. PalmquistN.L. GervasioBree DespainMyra McEntireM.G. BuehrlenRae Ann ParkerCarolina Valdez MillerAvery BeckJody WallaceBeth TrisselSara McClungShannon MessengerRachel Hawkins

The prizes are listed on CJ Redwine's blog as well.

Quoting from Sara McClung's blog post here:

I have HUGE exciting news! My ourfriend CJ Redwine is adopting an orphan from China!!

After five long years of waiting, she and her family were informed that they're very close!! As in, they'll be traveling to China in October or November, as soon as they get her picture and permission!! Weeeeeeeeeeee! I'm pretty much jumping up and down in my seat right now because CJ is going to make the BEST mother for this precious little girl!

But there's a problem :(

See, originally the process was supposed to take 6-8 months but it stretched into YEARS. And in that time? China's raised the orphanage fee by thousands. Between that, and having to redo their homestudy, their petition for orphan naturalization and their fingerprints FOUR TIMES, the Redwines are 8k short of being able to bring their baby home.

And this little girl deserves to be able to come home to her new loving parents and brothers. As a community, we have a chance to stand together and make it happen. It's so easy. All you have to do is skip Starbucks for a day and donate those few dollars to help bring CJ's baby home.

If you don't know CJ, you should. She's amazing and gives so much to the writing community! She offers query and synopsis and plotting workshop, in which a TON of her clients have walked away with agents. She hosts author interviews and giveaways on her blog, helping to spread the word about amazing books. She's hysterical, and sweet, and a really, really good person.

Or read this full blog post by CJ Redwine herself.

If you can't donate, like me, maybe you can help spreading the words and/or try to help in any other methods! It doesn't hurt to help!

Write a blog post, tweet, facebook, myspace, chain mails, etc!

Oh and post this button on your blog! I've added the code for this button to make it easier!

17 August 2010

Review: It Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech

it started with a dare, lindsay faith rech
It Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: September 13th, 2010
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Graphia
ISBN: 0547235585 (isbn13: 9780547235585)
Format: e-book
Pages: 312
Source:  netgalley.com

Author's Website, Buy from Amazon.com

Self-proclaimed nobody CG Silverman sees her move to an upscale new school as her chance to be somebody different. Her devil-may-care attitude attracts the in-clique, and before CG realizes it, a routine game of truth or dare launches her to iconic status.

While this rebel image helps secure CG’s newfound popularity, it also propels her through a maze of unprecedented chaos, with each new lie and every dare opening doors that, in most cases, were better off left shut.
CG is on a collision course with disaster. Will she be able to keep up the façade? Or will the whole world find out she’s a fraud? 

How do I start this review, hmm..

Let's just say, I finished reading this in less than 6 hours, with around 3 hours being away for tuition, and not to forget I stayed up till' 2AM while having to wake up the next day at 7AM. (and I'm here writing this review!) Why yes, thank you for your compliment.

So, now you know how Lindsay Faith Rech made me sacrificed my sleep and school works, how she took me on an interesting ride with this book, and how much I like this book. The whole book is cute, the atmosphere is light, and quite funny.

Honestly, when I started reading, I didn't like this book as much. It was kind of typical high school drama, and reminded me soooooo much of Mean Girls. I believe though, that this is even more dramatic than Mean Girls.

The main character, CG, or Cindy, gosh I like and dislike her. I don't understand at all why she had to create so much lies! (Then again, the high school system here does not work the way US high school does) Despite all those lies, I still managed to like her somehow. I wouldn't mind being friends with her at all. She is funny and sarcastic, and smart. That's why I don't get why she had to create a whole new person with all the lies, she is smart!

I like Jordan a lot, I only dislike him for that few scenes.(I'm a sucker for bad boys that aren't really that bad!) As for Alona, is it just me or is she Alice in Wonderland? We didn't get to know or discover that much about Alex, only little. I think I would like him better, or even more than Jordan if I had knew him better! I would love to know more about him!

I like how Lindsay revealed some random secrets of Cindy/CG that we didn't know or expect, and they're usually quite surprising. Author keeping secrets from readers, hello? I also like the addition of chats and emails, I guess they make me feel closer to the book.

This book took me by surprise towards the end of the book, it is so good! I think the greaat part of this book started around there as well! Great twist! I kept hoping for another twist, okay! I approve of the ending, even though it was not what I expected when I was reading the first half of the book.

I kept hoping that Jordan would turn out to be super nice and awesome and they would end up together. Oh well, the disappointment. But this is one of the (small amount) of books that has the girl choosing the guy who stood by her for very long time over some hottie she just known for few months. Also, I thought Cindy would at least speak a little with Alone or Grace after the truth came out, but no! :(

Rating: 4/5

Cover Design: I like the very cute girl! I try to imagine her as CG. :D The girl looks so naughty yet innocent, I guess it fits CG as well. The font is cute, placement of font is okay too!


15 August 2010

In My Mailbox (1)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.

I've decided to join In My Mailbox! Oh scratch that, who am I kidding. I loveee In My Mailbox, joining in the fun is actually part of the reason why I created this blog!

Around 27 July, +- 2 days.
bookish-escape, in my mailbox

I won Heavenly + T-Shirt from Jennifer Laurens' blog, The Wish List + bookmark + fairy dust from Much Cheaper Than Theraphy, and Shiver + The Book of Tomorrow from Cornucopia of Reviews.

14 August,
bookish-escape, in my mailbox

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater *signed ARC
Sea by Heidi R. Kling Bookmark

woot my first ARC! It's even signed! *dances around* It's soooo pretty! And yes, I'm going to buy the finished copy of Linger too, but I'm still waiting for the paperback with the same green pretty cover (to come out in my local bookstore). I didn't expect the Sea bookmark!
Won this from Young Adult Literature Review!

Thanks soooo much, everyone!

Yes I've noticed how I didn't pay for any of them, I just bought and pre-ordered some books, one of them will only ship out like 200+ days later. :(

Thanks for reading!

14 August 2010

Spotlight Saturday (1)

Spotlight Saturday is a new meme, to introduce a book or maybe more to set some spotlights onto it(them). Every Saturday (or most or some), post a new blog post spotlighting a book (or more), old, new, soon-to-be-published etc, anything. Feel free to join the meme!

LOL I just googled a found other memes with the same name, hmm.

Her Sanctuary by P.Q. Glisson

Publication Date: 20 January 2010
ISBN: 1450202268 (isbn13: 9781450202268)
Summary: Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run….not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of The Last Resort Café, in the town of Sanctuary, little did she know she would find the one thing she never even knew she was searching for….true love.

Seth Proudfoot wasn’t looking for anything, except an end to his miserable existence. Accused of a crime he couldn’t remember committing, he was ostracized by a town that, ironically, bore the name of the one thing he could never find….Sanctuary.

When the two meet, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them, but will Shannon allow her damaged spirit to trust a man…a man who may have murdered his own family?

Though Shannon is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, it is her spirit that breaks down the iron-clad shield around his heart. Their desire burns hotter than the Arizona desert, threatening to melt the very mountains that loom like silent Gods above their heads. But can their love survive a betrayal that could very well cost them both their lives?

Friends Close, Enemies Closer (In Or Out, #4) by Claudia Gabel

Publication Date: 1 May 2008
ISBN: 043991857X (isbn13: 9780439918572)
Summary: Marnie, who's just gotten into a huge fight with Lizette -- and high school hottie Dane-- is suddenly very much OUT. Meanwhile, Nola, who's attracted a collection of boy admirers (including an older guy!), is suddenly sort of...IN. As Homecoming draws nearer, and the social stakes get higher, the former best friends are each waist-deep in drama. And when a surprising turn of events throws them back together, will they mend their friendship...or become enemies all over again?

Side Note: Book 4 in In or Out series. I've read the previous 3 books. This 4th book is incredibly hard to find. -__- I've been searching for so long! I guess ordering online or special order through local bookstores and pay for the extra money are my choices.

Previous in the Series: In or Out (#1), Loves Me, Loves Me Not (#2), Sweet and Vicious (#3)

From Goodreads.com

11 August 2010

Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

midnight sun, stephenie meyer, twilight saga
Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: unknown
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (should be)
Format: Draft in PDF format
Pages: 264
Source: From the author's website


Midnight Sun: Edward's Version of Twilight

I'm so glad that Meyer is writing this from Edward's POV. Previous 4, dare I say, Bella was so self-centered and edward-centered, reading from her POV gave me so little insights to the Cullens and her friends.

I love that from this book, I get to know the Cullens' lifestyle, and what he read from others' minds, not gonna lie, reading what he read from others' minds is very interesting and entertaining. Mike Newton, Angela and Jessica, their minds, I finallyyyyyy know more about them, thanks to Edward!

I loveeee how Alice and Edward communicate, sometimes Edward kind of communicate with the others the same way too though. And his bromance with Emmett, maybe Jasper too, and Rosalie. Interesting Rosalie, I didn't know much about Rosalie until now. And as usual, Jasper and Alice super cute romance.

Weird enough, I think the Bella I imagined in Midnight Sun is kind of different from the previous 4 books, and actually, very different from Kristen Stewart.

Another weird thing is, Edward fell in love with Bella too fast! I don't get why! And stop mentioning that you're a monster, we all know that, kind of.

Anyway, I liked reading this. I got pulled into the story really soon, being so curious with Edward and things Bella didn't know. This is the first time I'm reading a novel (not exactly, but kind of) on my laptop. I usually hate e-books, now I'm reconsidering that! And I absolutely hope she'll write the other 3 books from Edward's POV as well!

Rating: 3/5

Cover Design: No, worst of all 5 books. Actually, also the worst cover of all her books as well.. Too plain, too empty, too boring. I'm not sure if this cover is final yet, but I sure hope they get something better, and as beautiful as the previous four books, as they are undeniably pretty.

10 August 2010

Review: Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

spare change, aubrey mace
Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Publication Date: April 30th 2008
Publisher: Bonneville Books
ISBN: 1599551500 (isbn13: 9781599551500)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 202
Source: Won from Fire and Ice. Thanks!

Author's Website, Author's Blog, Buy from Amazon

Twenty-three and single, Riley thinks resolutions should be fun, not hard. Just before midnight, she vows to make the easiest resolution ever: save her pennies and at the end of the year, buy something nice for herself. Easy! ...Or is it?
Working at a cancer treatment center can change one's perspective, and before long Riley decides to donate her extra money to cancer research rather than reward herself. At first her resolution is her own secret, but all too soon the nurses figure out her plan, and then things really begin to get out of hand!
As people through the hospital, and then the town, begin to get involved, Riley finds herself at the front of the fund-raising campaign. She also finds herself face-to-face with Paul, the grouchy but cute bank teller. But can she overcome the memory of a failed relationship - and can he do the same? And who is the secret admirer who keeps leaving pennies and notes for her to find?

I needed another cute fast sweet and light read, so I picked this book to read.

I wasn't very impres
sed by the beginning of the book, seeing the Paul was no where to be found and I started to wonder if the book would have any cute romance, I had to re-read the synopsis from the back cover. Luckily, I continued the book, phew!

I would prefer Paul to appear sooner, but that's fine. Then again, it wouldn't make much sense to let him appear that soon, as before he appears, it was mostly about how she got the idea.

Also, probably because I was impatient and didn't make an effort, I couldn't relate or understand Riley at first, but as I got pulled into the novel, I found myself understanding and know Riley much better. The random scenes from her past gave her more depth and more real, I love getting to know Riley.

I love Riley. She's very likable. She's funny, fun, sweet, and normal-flawed. I could see where she's coming from when she gets angry. Her family is just really fun and interesting. Her best friend and colleagues are awesome. Did I mention I love Paul?

Other than surprising me with how this novel turned out to be really awesome, there were a lot events in the book that really surprised me and I did not see them coming. I really love the surprises thrown in though! At some points, I was extremely careful not to accidentally-on-purpose read the next line/paragraph to spoil. Aubrey Mace balanced Riley's life with work, family and love pretty great
 in this novel!

I don't know if it sounds like I didn't like this much, but I like this a lot! A loooooooooooot!

Rating: 8/10

Cover Design: So cute! Love the illustration, with the piggy bank and pennies. Fonts fit in well as well! The pink! The cute pink!

Review: 希望树

希望树, 沈雨仙
希望树 by 沈雨仙           
Publication Date: May 20th 2010
Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司
ISBN: 789833738939
Format: Paperback
Pages: Since I returned it, I don't know. D: Strangely, they don't tell on the site.
Source: My friend's copy

Synopsis: 2030年,安琪独自搭乘飞 机从纽约来到了她爸爸的故乡,马来西亚。一年前,安琪在她家后院找到了爸爸生前所留下的日记本。安琪看完整本日记后,决定飞往马来西亚,与素未谋面的奶奶 和姑姑相认。同时,她也希望能找到那棵种在绿双城的“希望树”。她爸爸说,希望树下藏着一个秘密。

安琪与姑姑相认后,迟迟未与奶奶见面。奶奶是个固执的人,从不赞同爸爸与洋人结婚,更无法接受自己的孙女是混血儿。因此,姑姑劝安琪不要急着与奶 奶相认。纵使受到姑姑的反对,安琪仍执意要到绿双城去找奶奶。此刻,安琪搭乘的巴士正从大都市吉隆坡前往绿双城,正朝着历史的方向前进……


This is the 2nd novel of the author. I must say, she improved a lot. Her first novel was pointless, but that's for another post.

This novel, like any other novels published by the same publisher, is very G-Rated and suitable for kid. It's about an American girl (blonde, I might add) going to Malaysia, mainly to find her Malaysian Chinese grandmother, the "Tree of Hope" (or as the official English title, The Wishful Tree) her dead father planted right before leaving for USA, and the diary her father buried under the tree. Her grandmother is a traditional Chinese woman, who was against the marriage between her son and an American white girl, and against having a mixed blood granddaughter. It was a fast and light read.

This novel is focused on the granddaughter finding her grandmother and hoping that her grandmother would accept her, a Chinese mixed American blood girl as granddaughter. At the same time, searching for the Tree of Hope and the diary buried under it. I think the author tried to make the main character likable, but I couldn't like her, sometimes I dislike her, sometimes I don't, but I just couldn't like her. However, I teared at the end of the book. The part was very touching. I was into the book enough to tear up.

The story is set in the future. It also has a little bit of mystery/detective elements and tech-stuff, since the time setting is in the future. However, they blend very well, even though the mystery/detective part can get really random and out of the blue, it happens lesser later in the book. I think it would have been better if the author did not mention her detective-like personality and mind a few times. The author is quite creative though. And she described the (creative weird breads!) foods in the novel good enough to make me feel hungry. Yums!

I totally hate the fact that the author left a lot of stuffs unexplained though.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Cover Design: Lovely as well! Love the pink, and the bus going up to the tree! I like the placement of the title as well. :D

Review: 一封迟来的信

一封迟来的信, 邓秀茵
一封迟来的信 by 秀茵
Publication Date: April 8th 2010
Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司 
ISBN: 9789833738 (isbn13: 9789833738915)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 267
Source: My friend's copy

Author's Website, Buy from Publisher's Site

Synopsis: One afternoon, Xiao Ying received a letter.

This letter was crumpled, it looked like it fell into a water, then someone picked the letter up and air-dried it. The back side of the letter did not state the sender's name and address. The content of the letter reminded her of her old memories...

On her first year in high school, she befriended a new transfer student, Mei Yau, and the prettiest girl from the next class, Ai Lin. They became very close friends and called themselves "Three Musketeers". They even promised one another to celebrate every year's Valentine's Day together.

Xiao Ying thought they could hold one another's hand and keep their friendship on forever.

But the appearance of this one person, ruined their friendship.

How did this one person affect their friendship so much? If no one did add fuels to the flame, the misunderstanding would not have happened?

This novel is focused on friendships, told using friendship problems we face every now and then. It was a fast and light read.

It started out slow, describing things that are currently happening around the main character. Then she received a letter from a person, and it triggered her old memories.

The story of her with her ex-best friends is then told from her memory, from the beginning of their friendships to how it ended. In between the flashbacks there were a few times where the author switched it back to present time, making readers to have more questions. Shortly after, the flashback story will continue.

It didn't capture too much of my attention in the beginning of the novel, but the author is quite good at keeping me curious and wanting to continue reading, even though the urge wasn't too strong.

When the story was told, things get more interesting and many questions were slowly answered. I got sucked into the story moderately. The author's previous works have huge teases for romance, but nothing romantic ever happens. However, in this book, the romance is always one-sided, and no teases.

The main character's lazy-to-explain personality caused a lot misunderstandings between her and her friends, but she still continue and does not think she owe them an explanation. I personally think the troubles she got is caused by her personality, so she sort of deserved it. However, after finishing this book, I have even more questions about my behaviour and the way I treat my friends, also the way they treat me back. This is a quite touching and sad friendship, sad but true.

Rating: 3/5

Cover Design: Lovely! Looks even better in real life!