17 August 2010

Review: It Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech

it started with a dare, lindsay faith rech
It Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: September 13th, 2010
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Graphia
ISBN: 0547235585 (isbn13: 9780547235585)
Format: e-book
Pages: 312
Source:  netgalley.com

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Self-proclaimed nobody CG Silverman sees her move to an upscale new school as her chance to be somebody different. Her devil-may-care attitude attracts the in-clique, and before CG realizes it, a routine game of truth or dare launches her to iconic status.

While this rebel image helps secure CG’s newfound popularity, it also propels her through a maze of unprecedented chaos, with each new lie and every dare opening doors that, in most cases, were better off left shut.
CG is on a collision course with disaster. Will she be able to keep up the façade? Or will the whole world find out she’s a fraud? 

How do I start this review, hmm..

Let's just say, I finished reading this in less than 6 hours, with around 3 hours being away for tuition, and not to forget I stayed up till' 2AM while having to wake up the next day at 7AM. (and I'm here writing this review!) Why yes, thank you for your compliment.

So, now you know how Lindsay Faith Rech made me sacrificed my sleep and school works, how she took me on an interesting ride with this book, and how much I like this book. The whole book is cute, the atmosphere is light, and quite funny.

Honestly, when I started reading, I didn't like this book as much. It was kind of typical high school drama, and reminded me soooooo much of Mean Girls. I believe though, that this is even more dramatic than Mean Girls.

The main character, CG, or Cindy, gosh I like and dislike her. I don't understand at all why she had to create so much lies! (Then again, the high school system here does not work the way US high school does) Despite all those lies, I still managed to like her somehow. I wouldn't mind being friends with her at all. She is funny and sarcastic, and smart. That's why I don't get why she had to create a whole new person with all the lies, she is smart!

I like Jordan a lot, I only dislike him for that few scenes.(I'm a sucker for bad boys that aren't really that bad!) As for Alona, is it just me or is she Alice in Wonderland? We didn't get to know or discover that much about Alex, only little. I think I would like him better, or even more than Jordan if I had knew him better! I would love to know more about him!

I like how Lindsay revealed some random secrets of Cindy/CG that we didn't know or expect, and they're usually quite surprising. Author keeping secrets from readers, hello? I also like the addition of chats and emails, I guess they make me feel closer to the book.

This book took me by surprise towards the end of the book, it is so good! I think the greaat part of this book started around there as well! Great twist! I kept hoping for another twist, okay! I approve of the ending, even though it was not what I expected when I was reading the first half of the book.

I kept hoping that Jordan would turn out to be super nice and awesome and they would end up together. Oh well, the disappointment. But this is one of the (small amount) of books that has the girl choosing the guy who stood by her for very long time over some hottie she just known for few months. Also, I thought Cindy would at least speak a little with Alone or Grace after the truth came out, but no! :(

Rating: 4/5

Cover Design: I like the very cute girl! I try to imagine her as CG. :D The girl looks so naughty yet innocent, I guess it fits CG as well. The font is cute, placement of font is okay too!



Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I've never heard of this one. Sounds like a fun book, like maybe it has some depth to it, too. Love when the end takes you by surprise. Great review!

Melissa said...

Sounds like an interesting book! I think the cover design is good, too, especially for a YA title.

Crystal said...

I've been wanting to read this one and have it on my to-by list. Thanks for the great review.

Elizabeth said...

I am stopping from Cym Lowell's Book Review Party.

Stop by mine if you like.


jewelknits said...

This DOES sound like a fun read! Thanks for the review! (Any book that makes you miss sleep is usually good, right?)

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a good book. THANKS.

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