11 August 2010

Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

midnight sun, stephenie meyer, twilight saga
Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: unknown
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (should be)
Format: Draft in PDF format
Pages: 264
Source: From the author's website


Midnight Sun: Edward's Version of Twilight

I'm so glad that Meyer is writing this from Edward's POV. Previous 4, dare I say, Bella was so self-centered and edward-centered, reading from her POV gave me so little insights to the Cullens and her friends.

I love that from this book, I get to know the Cullens' lifestyle, and what he read from others' minds, not gonna lie, reading what he read from others' minds is very interesting and entertaining. Mike Newton, Angela and Jessica, their minds, I finallyyyyyy know more about them, thanks to Edward!

I loveeee how Alice and Edward communicate, sometimes Edward kind of communicate with the others the same way too though. And his bromance with Emmett, maybe Jasper too, and Rosalie. Interesting Rosalie, I didn't know much about Rosalie until now. And as usual, Jasper and Alice super cute romance.

Weird enough, I think the Bella I imagined in Midnight Sun is kind of different from the previous 4 books, and actually, very different from Kristen Stewart.

Another weird thing is, Edward fell in love with Bella too fast! I don't get why! And stop mentioning that you're a monster, we all know that, kind of.

Anyway, I liked reading this. I got pulled into the story really soon, being so curious with Edward and things Bella didn't know. This is the first time I'm reading a novel (not exactly, but kind of) on my laptop. I usually hate e-books, now I'm reconsidering that! And I absolutely hope she'll write the other 3 books from Edward's POV as well!

Rating: 3/5

Cover Design: No, worst of all 5 books. Actually, also the worst cover of all her books as well.. Too plain, too empty, too boring. I'm not sure if this cover is final yet, but I sure hope they get something better, and as beautiful as the previous four books, as they are undeniably pretty.

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Carolina Valdez Miller said...

How did I not realize this was available? Last I'd heard, she had given up writing this. So glad I found this. Thanks for the info and the review!