10 August 2010

Review: 一封迟来的信

一封迟来的信, 邓秀茵
一封迟来的信 by 秀茵
Publication Date: April 8th 2010
Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司 
ISBN: 9789833738 (isbn13: 9789833738915)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 267
Source: My friend's copy

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Synopsis: One afternoon, Xiao Ying received a letter.

This letter was crumpled, it looked like it fell into a water, then someone picked the letter up and air-dried it. The back side of the letter did not state the sender's name and address. The content of the letter reminded her of her old memories...

On her first year in high school, she befriended a new transfer student, Mei Yau, and the prettiest girl from the next class, Ai Lin. They became very close friends and called themselves "Three Musketeers". They even promised one another to celebrate every year's Valentine's Day together.

Xiao Ying thought they could hold one another's hand and keep their friendship on forever.

But the appearance of this one person, ruined their friendship.

How did this one person affect their friendship so much? If no one did add fuels to the flame, the misunderstanding would not have happened?

This novel is focused on friendships, told using friendship problems we face every now and then. It was a fast and light read.

It started out slow, describing things that are currently happening around the main character. Then she received a letter from a person, and it triggered her old memories.

The story of her with her ex-best friends is then told from her memory, from the beginning of their friendships to how it ended. In between the flashbacks there were a few times where the author switched it back to present time, making readers to have more questions. Shortly after, the flashback story will continue.

It didn't capture too much of my attention in the beginning of the novel, but the author is quite good at keeping me curious and wanting to continue reading, even though the urge wasn't too strong.

When the story was told, things get more interesting and many questions were slowly answered. I got sucked into the story moderately. The author's previous works have huge teases for romance, but nothing romantic ever happens. However, in this book, the romance is always one-sided, and no teases.

The main character's lazy-to-explain personality caused a lot misunderstandings between her and her friends, but she still continue and does not think she owe them an explanation. I personally think the troubles she got is caused by her personality, so she sort of deserved it. However, after finishing this book, I have even more questions about my behaviour and the way I treat my friends, also the way they treat me back. This is a quite touching and sad friendship, sad but true.

Rating: 3/5

Cover Design: Lovely! Looks even better in real life!

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