10 August 2010

Review: 希望树

希望树, 沈雨仙
希望树 by 沈雨仙           
Publication Date: May 20th 2010
Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司
ISBN: 789833738939
Format: Paperback
Pages: Since I returned it, I don't know. D: Strangely, they don't tell on the site.
Source: My friend's copy

Synopsis: 2030年,安琪独自搭乘飞 机从纽约来到了她爸爸的故乡,马来西亚。一年前,安琪在她家后院找到了爸爸生前所留下的日记本。安琪看完整本日记后,决定飞往马来西亚,与素未谋面的奶奶 和姑姑相认。同时,她也希望能找到那棵种在绿双城的“希望树”。她爸爸说,希望树下藏着一个秘密。

安琪与姑姑相认后,迟迟未与奶奶见面。奶奶是个固执的人,从不赞同爸爸与洋人结婚,更无法接受自己的孙女是混血儿。因此,姑姑劝安琪不要急着与奶 奶相认。纵使受到姑姑的反对,安琪仍执意要到绿双城去找奶奶。此刻,安琪搭乘的巴士正从大都市吉隆坡前往绿双城,正朝着历史的方向前进……


This is the 2nd novel of the author. I must say, she improved a lot. Her first novel was pointless, but that's for another post.

This novel, like any other novels published by the same publisher, is very G-Rated and suitable for kid. It's about an American girl (blonde, I might add) going to Malaysia, mainly to find her Malaysian Chinese grandmother, the "Tree of Hope" (or as the official English title, The Wishful Tree) her dead father planted right before leaving for USA, and the diary her father buried under the tree. Her grandmother is a traditional Chinese woman, who was against the marriage between her son and an American white girl, and against having a mixed blood granddaughter. It was a fast and light read.

This novel is focused on the granddaughter finding her grandmother and hoping that her grandmother would accept her, a Chinese mixed American blood girl as granddaughter. At the same time, searching for the Tree of Hope and the diary buried under it. I think the author tried to make the main character likable, but I couldn't like her, sometimes I dislike her, sometimes I don't, but I just couldn't like her. However, I teared at the end of the book. The part was very touching. I was into the book enough to tear up.

The story is set in the future. It also has a little bit of mystery/detective elements and tech-stuff, since the time setting is in the future. However, they blend very well, even though the mystery/detective part can get really random and out of the blue, it happens lesser later in the book. I think it would have been better if the author did not mention her detective-like personality and mind a few times. The author is quite creative though. And she described the (creative weird breads!) foods in the novel good enough to make me feel hungry. Yums!

I totally hate the fact that the author left a lot of stuffs unexplained though.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Cover Design: Lovely as well! Love the pink, and the bus going up to the tree! I like the placement of the title as well. :D

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