28 August 2010


My book buying is getting out of hand, and I'm still a full time student, with no income! AKML. If I don't stop, who knows if I'll have a future, or how my mum is going to kill me, or ground me forever. Darn.

I NEED TO GO ON A BOOK BUYING BAN! OR SHOPPING BAN IN GENERAL!@#$%^&*fbakjdsfbakjfba;dfksbfaskjlfnaslfnsldnasldasnflsabfsajfs AND HAVE SOMEONE REALLY GOOD AND STRICT TO CONTROL ME. But who could that be? I know, if I have someone like that, I would not tell him/her, and he/she probably wouldn't know. Sigh, not even my (non-biological) twin could help. Self-control.

After buying those books, I can't even start reading them because even if I have the time, I neeeeeed to study! I HAVE to study! Gosh, this is really ridiculous. After the reading challenge I've joined recently, I should probably go on a book reading ban as well. No, I must. GIRL, READ ONLY TEXT BOOKS AND YOUR REFERENCE BOOKS!

For two months. or more. Okay until the end of the this year. From 1 September to 16 December 2010.

My book buying ban exceptions would be
  • Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink (gosh I bought the 2nd book! I thought it was the first in the series!)
  • Oh. My. Gods by Tera Lynn Childs (IF she remembers to send me the 2nd book in the series)
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (Maybe when they release paperback with US cover, hardcover - too expensive, paperback - UK cover, does not match)
  • Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella (I have all other books in this series except for Sister and Mini Shopaholic, I shall only buy this if it's selling really cheap, or buy NEXT YEAR, since I won't be reading this year, I must control!)
For all of them, unless there's a incredible discount, price between $0.00 (yay!) to $6.1, I won't be buying any of them, as well. Preferably buy next year. And Mockingjay is the exception of exceptions, if they release the paperback with US cover, I will buy it.

Oh gosh but wait, now I remember. I have a voucher I have to use before the end of the year. Damn it. OK, one of the cheap Penguin Classics books then.

Won't be rejecting free books, or my parents offer to buy me though. :p Which.. probably won't happen. Oh well.

Oh and did I mention I'm going on a TV series ban as well. Movies not included, only TV series. That means I'm gonna resist Glee and Vampire Diaries, and their spoilers D: NO exceptions for TV Series Ban!

I should probably go on an internet ban as well. No, really.. I am not improving in my studies, this is terribly awful and heartbreaking for me, and my parents.

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