02 November 2010

A Confession, accompanied with a long ranting.

Ever since I published on this blog that I'm going on a novel-reading ban, I guess I freaked (myself) out, because since then, the tempt to read a novel is stronger than ever! In fact, I finished 2 novels IN SCHOOL, but then again, I didn't really have anything to do in school, in fact I've been skipping schools a lot recently to stay at home and have a healthy lifestyle (really, I mean in sleeping department) and study at home, which is better since it's quieter here. Oh as I was saying, then I finished 4 Princess Diaries novels!!! So already 6 in total!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for novel-reading ban.

I've gone mad. I really, really, should stop. Only 20 or 21 days away from my super important test (maybe as important or nearly as important as SATs I guess, not very sure), and I'm still quite clueless on Physics, and haven't memorise the Biology stuffs and Moral definitions (wtf who on Earth suggested this!!!! Useless subject.), oh and History, sigh. I also have yet to be really good at Maths and Additional Maths, I mean I could pass them, but I want an A! Then there's Chemistry, at least I've mastered the calculation part for volume, number of moles, mass, and number of particles, and balancing chemical equation. Need to work on Electrochemistry and Thermochemistry and uhm everything else. I guess Carbon Compound is kind of okay. Then Chinese, they say the Chinese paper is extra hard, and due to the small amount of people taking Chinese in my country, the passing mark and the A mark graph thing is much higher than other subjects, which probably is true because I think last year only 1 person got A for Chinese, and it was an A-, which is really sad.

I don't really know how to excel in all 3 languages. I used to be best at Malay language, then somehow it got worse, my Chinese remained good (I think), and English got better. Then my English got better, my Malay language remained awful, and my Chinese got worse. This is really hard, especially since when I talk my friends online, or text message them, we all use all 3 of them mixed together. -__- For now, my Malay language is awful, Chinese and English are quite good I think, but not good enough.

It certainly does not help that in my country, we use British English in school, but our English is also super influenced by American English. Spellings and pronunciation problem. For example, memorise and memorize, learnt and learned. We seem to be using BOTH spellings! And I don't know which way I should pronounce a word sometimes, because both are okay here. For example, dance. No more oral test, please. I also think the confusement (is there such word?) made my English worse, both my speaking and and writing ability. Gosh this sucks. It's already bad enough to have a sucky English teacher, I have to worry if the examiner for my super-important test is sensitive using the correct spelling, as in British English spelling. Oh well..

And now I have this serious cold. :( Hopefully I won't catch it again during my super important test!

I'm going to eat my medicine then go to bed soon. and wake up tomorrow morning and study! Physics for tomorrow, maybe. If only I can lie to myself better, I would be super in love with Physics Chemistry and Biology already, and maybe even the stupid Moral, which is worse than Physics Chemistry and Biology, at least these 3 are quite interesting sometimes (strictly sometimes only). and hopefully Add Maths / Maths exercise every night, and memorise at least one moral value definition between nearly going to bed and until I fell asleep. I need to start being strict with myself, and enforcing the uhm rules. And hold off IMM and review posts. :D

Okay I'm done ranting. Thank you, good bye and night/morning/afternoon/evening.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. You have a great blog. Good luck with your school work!

Rachael Harrie said...

Goodness, you sound so busy! Good luck with your tests.