31 January 2011

Review: Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Here Lies Bridget - Paige Harbison
Publication Date: January 18th 2011
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373210280 (ISBN13: 9780373210282)
Format: e-galley
Pages: 224
Source: NetGalley, received a free e-galley for an honest review

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What do you do when the five people you meet in limbo all want you to go to hell?

Bridget Duke is the uncontested ruler of her school. The meanest girl with the biggest secret insecurities. And when new girl Anna Judge arrives, things start to fall apart for Bridget: friends don’t worship as attentively, teachers don’t fall for her wide-eyed “who me?” look, expulsion looms ahead and the one boy she’s always loved—Liam Ward—can barely even look at her anymore.

When a desperate Bridget drives too fast and crashes her car, she ends up in limbo, facing everyone she’s wronged and walking a few uncomfortable miles in their shoes. Now she has only one chance to make a last impression. Though she might end up dead, she has one last shot at redemption and the chance to right the wrongs she’s inflicted on the people who mean the most to her.

And Bridget’s about to learn that, sometimes, saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough.…

I think it's brilliant! I hated Bridget, a lot, and love(d) hating her, and I'm pretty sure that's what the author intended. I kinda enjoy hating her :x I also love the idea of reading from a bitchy girl's POV. All those novels where the antagonist is a mean popular beautiful powerful girl bullying terrifying everyone, and I have always wondered what was going in their minds. I think the author did a pretty good job. Nice to know what's in their minds. :D

Bridget is self-centred, so I didn't really know much about other characters, and if somehow, Paige Harbison did let us know more about them in some ways, it probably will ruin the whole thing. I don't even want to read it from 3rd person POV. I think reading from 1st person POV, aka Bridget's, is awesome, probably the best choice.

Bridget just really, doesn't care about other people. She doesn't even realise how she's hurting the people around her, with her awfulness. And she cares so much about her reputation and popularity, it kinda reminds me of myself, lol. Except that I wouldn't go that far, even if I miraculously have the guts. I want them, but not desperately.

I loveee Liam, he is awesome. Probably my favourite character there. I like Bridget's stepmom too, she is so selfless. And well, there really isn't much other characters to like/choose from, lol. Oh, I love reading how Bridget changed, the whole process thingy. It's like I witnessed it, and it all happened pretty fast!

I think the book gets better and better, and harder and harder to put down, as I continue reading. I had to pause though, because I had an early class the next morning and if I don't stop, I'd be late for my first class of a subject, and probably sleep through it. D:

Kinda wish it has a sequel, I think there are some questions unanswered, and lots of room for a sequel. Like, more about Bridget's mom, and what happens to Michelle next, and about Anna.

I love this one, it's really pretty awesome, and hard to put down, and quite interesting, reading from her POV. Really, I even love(d) hating her.

Cover Design:
I don't really know what I think of the cover. I don't like it, I don't dislike it, and I certainly don't hate or love it. I don't think it looks ugly, but I don't think it's gorgeous, however I also don't think it looks okay or not bad. LOL. I guess it's quite pretty looking actually, probably just need something to make it really pretty.

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