10 May 2012

Review: Fortune

Fortune by Megan Cole

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not sure if it was just my copy of what, but it had a lot of typos (and once, it said Madison, when really it's supposed to be Sapphire/Simonetta). So, didn't anyone read through to check them? It's not even an ARC.

Anyway, it was okay. The plot is fine. Sapphire is the typical perfect nice girl, which I think is boring and stupid. Not enough depth for other characters, especially Madison and Simonetta, considering that they're very important characters too. And Brad, it's like he's in the book for the sake of needing a character for it to make sense.

The ending... Now the ending is weird. Can't pinpoint why it's weird, but it's not the way I would imagine the ending to be.

Cover Design: Doesn't it scream shallow chick lit? Beach/summer and elites life too. Quite relevant. I like the colour of the water.

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