09 June 2012

The problem I have with some book blogs

Now, I'm not going to talk about the quality of their reviews, writings, and blog design and stuff. And let me just say that, this is my personal opinion, and I just really need to complain about this issue, and then maybe go back to tolerating all this shit.

The problem I have with most book blogs are, the high amount of stuffs on their blog to be loaded. In other words, the annoyingly high amount of widgets, more widgets, buttons, unnecessary pictures, MORE WIDGETS AND PICTURES, that I have to load whenever I visit their blogs.

See, unlike a lot of you, my internet is no where near fast. It takes forever to complete loading some blogs, and some other blogs, the loading can't even be completed!

And if you even have a freaking music widget.. AND IF IT IS ON FUCKING AUTOPLAY!! /flips table/

If you're a book blogger, you don't need it. Heck, no matter what kind of blog you have, you don't need it. It just increases the time it takes to load your blog. Music blog? Okay fine, but NO AUTOPLAY! And if you put it on autoplay, I sure as hell won't be reading your blog, or even visitting it.

No one likes being forced to listen to some random songs when they're just looking for book reviews. Especially if they are already playing their own songs from their own computers.

Sure, you might want to support many authors and book blogs, but don't be a slut and support EVERYONE.

And I sure as hell don't want to know what blog or book community you've joined.

So, I might be guilty of some things too, but I am sure that my blog has a lot less things to load compared to most other book blogs.

Rant over. Bye.

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